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Five Reasons Why Layher is a Top Choice for Scaffolding Hire In Melbourne

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

How Layher’s scaffolding system can deliver profit through productivity in the construction industry

This German brand has been creating scaffolding solutions for the residential, commercial, mining, petrochemical, and eventing business for over 70 years. This high-quality system is available at Leading Edge Scaffolding as a flexible scaffolding hire solution.

We understand that profit, safety, and efficiency are critical to a successful construction project and have outlined the key benefits of choosing Layher for your Melbourne scaffold needs.

Leading Edge Scaffolding

1. Layher is a trusted name that delivers quality through innovation. Layher’s team of

innovators dominates the scaffolding industry. It constantly markets new products, ensuring

your business has the most up-to-date range of temporary works solutions. You can trust

Layher because the entire premise of their products is around 100% fitting accuracy.

Through strict control and quality processes, Layher’s scaffolding is built to last, and this is

well-known in the global construction world. Layher manufacturing meets all international

safety standards and certifications, giving you peace of mind when choosing this solution for

your business.

2. Layher offers a scaffolding solution that reduces risk and improves safety standards. Risk

factors in construction need to be mitigated. Layher’s products reduce multiple risk

elements leading to a more prosperous and seamless project. Here are some examples:

 Injury: Layher’s products are designed to reduce the risk of workers getting injured.

 Material shortages or delays: Layher is known for its large stock holding.

 The brand offers safety toolkits.

3. Time-Saving. Possibly the number one benefit of this solution is the speed of assembly and

dismantling, which everyone knows contributes to a return on investment. The lightweight

design of Layher’s scaffolding solutions means:

 Rapid assembly and dismantling, with 100% connection accuracy.

 Speedier loading of trucks.

 Faster carrying of parts.

 Greater transportation efficiencies.

Layher’s weight savings are often up to 40% more than other products in Melbourne’s

construction industry!

4. Versatility and additional service offerings. Layher has over 4000 scaffold parts in their

stock holding, and this modular range will give you the flexibility to add various solutions to

your business. Examples are bridges, temporary roofs, cranes, stages, hoists, etc.; the list is


Interestingly, while you can increase what your business offers, you can reduce the number

of components required to assemble your scaffolding structure. The Layher team has

developed a bolt-free system that delivers a combination of positive and non-positive

connections, freeing up the number of ledgers, braces, and decks you would need with a

different brand.

5. Layher systems deliver profit. This is a bold statement, but it’s backed up by confidence.

Here is a simple list of how this system will make you more money than any other through


 A reduction in shutdown times.

 These systems are built to last and not break!

 Layher’s reputation will give you a winning edge in the market.

 Fast setup and breakdown will save your labour cost.

Choosing a scaffolding solution that is trusted and that you know you will grow with your business is a sure step in the right direction of temporary works solutions. The value drawn from time-saving from these products will be felt on your margin, and that’s the bottom line. Safety, innovation, versatility, and profitability are all words we like to hear in the construction business, and Layher scaffolding will certainly deliver this.

To find out more about the best Layher solution for your business, drop us an email or give us a call today!

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